In these challenging times for businesses and other types of organisations,  leaders need more help than ever. Leaders are passionate about their organisations but can’t always take an objective view on how to improve the performance.  Also the last thing leaders want these days is to spend money on untried or unaccredited advice. That is where we in Ross Carbery come in.
As leading business and management consultants in Wales, we have an array of tried and tested solutions for helping organisations deal with business issues.  Our consultants are fully accredited to deliver services to the highest standards. We have been doing this work for over twenty years and are proud to say that our Managing Director Carmel Gahan has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion Lifetime Achievement in 2012.
Our solutions may even cost you nothing as we have contracts with the Welsh Government to deliver some of their flagship support programmes to help business thrive and grow. We pride ourselves on offering a joined up service as very often the solutions businesses need require a number of specialist interventions and there is nothing more frustrating for business leaders than to have to spent valuable time in looking around  to see what  help is there for their business.  We can even help you access business finance – some of which is grant assistance from Government.
Our services include effective business planning, business growth mentoring, organisational development, managing staff effectively, staff development and training, e-business reviews and solutions and grant applications. Contact us for a free diagnostic of your needs.